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Extremely versatile, the Wavefront W3P is a unique, innovative full-range system, utilising advanced Martin Audio engineering to achieve true three-way full frequency performance from an enclosure only 28″ high. It delivers the clarity required for speech and music applications as well as the power, warmth and depth to generate an exciting live sound or playback experience in nightclubs. Whenever you want less to be more, you inevitably come across a horn-loaded system. Martin Audio has therefore developed a box that can hardly be more universal. A 2-way passive coaxial system with horn charge. 

Applications:  Theatre sound systems, club sound reinforcement, underslung/infill for concert sound reinforcement, music playback in nightclubs and on-stage instrument monitor.

About the manufacturer: 

Martin Audio was founded in 1971 to manufacture and supply world-class touring sound systems. Today, Martin Audio enjoys an international reputation for supplying superb professional loudspeaker systems across the spectrum of touring, clubbing, theatre and installation applications. Renowned for integrity in design, technical excellence and the longevity of its products, Martin Audio takes system creation into a further dimension. Martin Audio creates an exceptional sonic experience which faithfully reproduces the artist’s performance.


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Resilience — 650 W RMS – 1300 W Peak
dB — 139 dB
Frequency range — 80 hz – 20 kHz
Beam angle — 95° x 40°
Impedance — 8 Ohms
Variations — Uniray Standard is only stackable up to a maximum of 2 pieces 1 x Uniray Standard can be flown with U-bracket
Occupancy — 1+ 1- (2+ 2- is free)
Colours — Black
Dimensions — W x H x D: 580 x 500 x 450 mm
Weight — Uniray Fly Standard 26 kg Uniray Fly Pro 28,5 kg

Extra informatie

Gewicht 28,5 kg
Afmetingen 58 × 45 × 50 cm


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