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The Martin Audio LE700A is designed to overcome many of the problems associated with normal stage monitor systems, by utilising differential dispersion horn techniques to define a constant sound pressure level area in which the artist may move. In this area, the frequency response and tonal characteristics remain unchanged. The benefits of this technology are two-fold. Firstly the monitor engineer can plan EQ set ups confident that the performer’s movement window will have no problematic frequency changes causing feedback. This allows higher sound pressure levels with less EQ. Secondly, the performer can move further away from the monitor whilst continuing to receive information from the monitor which will cut through the highest on-stage ambient volume levels.

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This differential dispersion technology creates a horn, which progressively varies its horizontal dispersion from wide to narrow the further the performer moves away from the monitor. This narrowing of dispersion effectively changes the forward gain of the horn, this increase in the forward gain enables the monitor to throw further, increasing the effective operating range of the monitor, whilst reducing excess spill. The LE700A is packaged in a twin angled ported enclosure, designed to provide maximum performance within a small volume. The bass driver is a high power, 15″ (380mm) diameter 4″ (100mm) coil transducer and the compression driver employed is a 1.4″ (35mm) titanium diaphragm proprietary unit. This provides high power handling with extended high frequency reproduction. The LE700A is an active two-way unit, with optimum performance being achieved when used with the DX1 System Controller configured for the LE700A. Fitted with both EP8 and Speakon connectors it provides high power monitoring for professional applications.


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