Martin Audio S18 Blackline Sub bass


The compact Blackline S18 sub-bass system has been designed to be used with Blackline F12 and F15 full-range systems to extend and increase the total low frequency output power. The S18 provides good mid-bass punch with extended sub-bass output from a direct radiating 18” (460mm) driver with a 4” (100mm) high temperature voice coil.

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n passive add-on mode using its internal switchable passive network or may be used actively using a suitable controller. The S18 has a top hat that can be used as a pole socket to mount an F12 or F15 above the sub-bass enclosure. A Martin Audio M3 Electronic Controller is available to provide subwoofer crossover and limiter facilities. See the M3 Electronic Controller Technical Specifications for suitable M3 Controller Cards.

The loudspeaker system shall be of the compact subbass type consisting of one 18″ (460mm) direct radiating reflex loaded low frequency transducer in a multilaminate birch ply enclosure. The enclosure shall be fitted with an integral pole mount and a switchable active/passive internal 120Hz crossover network. Performance of the loudspeaker system with its electronic controller shall meet or exceed the following criteria: Frequency response measured 1 metre on axis shall be 40Hz-120Hz ±3dB. Power handling shall be 500W AES, 2000W peak. Rated impedance shall be 8 ohms. Maximum SPL measured at 1 metre on axis shall be 124dB continuous, 130dB peak. Dimensions (W) 561mm x (H) 690mm x (D) 595mm (22.1ins x 27.2ins x 23.4ins). Weight 45kg (99lbs).


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